CC-BY 4.0,
Sandra Lehecka

Stefan Eichert
Idea, Concept and Data Modelling

Stefan is the the initiator and master mind behind the OpenAtlas project. His main research fields are early medieval history and archaeology as well as computer applications in archaeology and digital humanities.

CC-BY 4.0,
Sandra Lehecka

Alexander Watzinger
Software Development and Concept

Alex is the main software developer of OpenAtlas and has a special interest in data modeling and scientific web applications. His favorite tools are Python, PostgreSQL, Linux, and open source software in general.

CC-BY 4.0,
Sandra Lehecka

Bernhard Koschicek
Software Development

Berni is a student of Computer Sciences and currently student of history. Research interests include computer security, Python, digital reservation, historical geographie, GIS, medieval and military history.

CC-BY 4.0,
Sandra Lehecka

Christoph Hoffmann
Frontend Development

Christoph is engaged in web design and frontend development. As a philosophy student at the University of Vienna, he is interested in the epistemological implications of digital research methods in the humanities.

CC-BY 4.0,
Sandra Lehecka

Jan Belik
Logo Design and Design Consulting

Jan is a freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director at in Vienna, Austria. He has plenty of experience working with local and international brands and has created a range of OpenAtlas project logos.

CC-BY 4.0,
Sandra Lehecka

Daniel Kittel
Quality Assurance

Daniels main occupation is at the Austria Press Agency but from time to time he goes on a bug hunt, tests the application with different devices and browsers and does other important tasks to improve the user experience.


These people supported us in many different ways. Our thanks goes to all of them.

Asil Çetin
Christof Rauchenberger
Dalibor Pančić
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller
Judith Pucher
Katharina Winckler
Mihailo Popović
Peter Andorfer
Petra Heinicker
Sandra Lehecka
Saranya Balasubramanian
Veronika Gründhammer