If you like to establish a cooperation or find out more about the possibilities to cooperate, feel free to contact us at openatlas@oeaw.ac.at. In this case, it would be very helpful to provide some of the information listed below. The information given doesn't have to be complete, exact nor is it binding. It would just help us to get a feeling for the project and your specific needs and requirements.


  • Name
  • Principal Investigator(s)
  • Project start and duration
  • An abstract about the projects content and aims. Can also be a proposal draft, a website or similar.


  • Planned license for data (open data required)
  • Will data be imported or entered for the first time
  • What type of information will be worked with, e.g. prosopographical data, geospatial data, texts, archaeological features, image files etc.
  • Estimated data volume (how many entries) and file volume (Gigabyte)
  • How many people will likely enter data


  • Hosting institution of the project
  • Type of grant or funding
  • Global project budget
  • Estimate of available budget for a cooperation
  • Will it utilize infrastructure of an existing OpenAtlas project

Which services are requested

  • Planning - e.g. evaluation how to map research data to CIDOC CRM and how to enter them into OpenAtlas
  • Hosting - e.g. installation and server maintenance
  • Support - e.g. software updates, training, troubleshooting
  • Development - e.g. software adaptions and additional features
  • Presentation website - if requested: the more details provided, the better
  • Long time archiving in ARCHE

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at openatlas@oeaw.ac.at.