Stefan Eichert
CC-BY 4.0, Sandra Lehecka

Stefan Eichert
Idea, Concept and Data Modelling

Stefan is the the initiator and master mind behind the OpenAtlas project. His main research fields are Early Medieval archaeology and history as well as computer applications in archaeology and digital humanities.

Alexander Watzinger
CC-BY 4.0, Sandra Lehecka

Alexander Watzinger
Development Lead and Concept

Alex is the lead developer of OpenAtlas and has a special interest in data modeling and scientific web applications. His favorite tools are Python, PostgreSQL, Linux and open source software in general.

Nina Richards
CC-BY 4.0, Jan Belik

Nina Richards
Project Management and Bioarchaeological Expertise

Nina is an archaeologist and anthropologist, with a focus on Early Medieval burial grounds. Beside project management she provides essential support planning and implementing archeological, anthropological and scientific modules in OpenAtlas.

Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
CC-BY 4.0, Sandra Lehecka

Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
Backend Development and API

Bernhard is currently developing our API and studied Computer Sciences as well as History. He is interested include in Python, Linked Open Data, historical geography and GIS.

Olivia Reichl
CC-BY 4.0, Oliver Reichl

Olivia Reichl
Frontend Development

Olivia is a frontend developer for OpenAtlas. She graduated at the TU Wien / Technical University of Vienna in computer science, with a focus on medical informatics.

Additional support

Massimiliano Carloni
CC-BY 4.0, Nina Richards

Massimiliano Carloni
ARCHE Expertise

Massimiliano is currently involved developing an interface between OpenAtlas and ARCHE. Trained as a classical philologist, he is mostly interested in semantic technologies and the preservation of digital research data.

Christoph Hoffmann
CC-BY 4.0, Sandra Lehecka

Christoph Hoffmann
Frontend Expertise

Christoph is engaged in web design and frontend development. As a philosophy student at the University of Vienna, he is interested in the epistemological implications of digital research methods in the humanities.

Jan Belik
CC-BY 4.0, Sandra Lehecka

Jan Belik
Logo Design and Design Consulting

Jan is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and art director at in Vienna, Austria. He has plenty of experience working with local as well as international brands and has created a range of OpenAtlas project logos.


These people supported us in many ways. Our thanks go to all of them.

Aleksandra Apic
Andreas Olschnögger
Asil Çetin
Britta Breuers
Clément Besnier
Christof Rauchenberger
Dalibor Pančić
Daniel Kittel
Ekaterini Mitsiou
Enric Rodellas
Eugen Hotwagner
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller
Judith Pucher
Katharina Winckler
Klaus Illmayer
Laura Kremser
Ludwig Maximilian Breuer
Markus Pluschkovits
Mihailo Popović
Moritz Großfurtner
Nicole Zehetmayer-Lorenz
Omar Siam
Peter Andorfer
Petra Heinicker
Roland Filzwieser
Sandra Lehecka
Saranya Balasubramanian
Sebastian Majstorovic
Selina Hofbauer
Semra Kilic-Dinler
Seta Štuhec
Silvia Gómez-Senovilla
Stefan Probst
Veronika Gründhammer
Zachary Chitwood